01 November, 2012

Shoes for a special girl from Sam Ruslan

Sam messaged me, wanting to custom for a friend. We changed the design several times, to have a perfect pair. He told me this particular girl likes Brave, one of her (and also mine!) favorite Disney movie. Therefore, we thought it would be the best design. This pair is inspired by Brave's tapestry poster.

Thank you Sam!

"If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?"

23 September, 2012

Shoes for Elsie

Elsie is a feisty, energetic girl. She is also a teacher.We have discussed and agreed on citrus design to match her bright personality. The background is crisp white and we added a punch of orange on the heel part. Such a summery and happy shoes.

Thank you Elsie.


11 September, 2011

shoes for RAZI & AMAYA

these couple pair has been ordered by a girl with a lot of patience.She wanted Wall-e and Eve.I admit I took quite some time to complete her order due to my day job and Hari Raya.But I hope both of them love these pairs.I personally think they are sweet and romantic. :)

adapted from here: http://www.wall-e-wallpaper.com/Wall-e/wall-e/Wall-e-wallpaper18.jpg

17 July, 2011

shoes for NONIE

Nonie requested dragon and phoenix in tribal tattoo style. Now although this design seems simple, it is really not as easy. From the drafting of the design to painting, this is one challenging pair. The lines are small and intricate so I had to use the smallest brush I own. It took me the total of 13 hours to complete this.However,I am happy with the result. They're simple,clean and badass looking.

Thank you Nonie!

13 June, 2011

shoes for MUNIRAH and SHAZIF

This is specially customed for their wedding in July. I hope both of you will be happily married and reach your own yin and yang. After all, based on the chosen design, I pretty much can say you guys complete each other; yin and yang, day and night, la lune et le soleil. :) congratulations!

*this design is adapted from here

23 February, 2011

Winner of Charlie V Shoe Design Contest 2011

This is the first contest I held for Charlie V. It was done during the FundFair Event at UiTM Shah Alam in 16th and 17th February 2011. The Winner with most votes is...

Mohammad Kamal Bin Ayub!

And here is his design:

And here is his winning prize. I improvised from his original design and I think it came out pretty great.

The individual painted scales..

Thank you Mohammad Kamal for participating. And thank you to everyone who participated in the very first Charlie V Shoe Design Contest. I encourage everyone to try again when there is another contest. Thank you again.

22 January, 2011

shoes for ZAZA

The Disneyland Castle is modeled after the actual model. The castle and 1930's Mickey and Minnie are adopted on the art owned by Walt Disney.

The outside panel is inspired by the art of Tim Adams. Visit his blog for awesome artworks and purchase something brilliant from him! :D

Thank you Zaza!

shoes for QASEH from SALMON

Design is adopted from "Dora the Explorer" created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner. This is specially custom-made for Qaseh.

Thank you Salmon!